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Snow & Ice Risk Management Assessment

Until 1996, when the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) was formed, the thought of those that ‘plowed snow’ as being professional or a snow and ice management business as providing a valuable risk management service was simply unheard of.  Snow and ice management was simply ‘something contractors did in the off season’.  Not anymore!  The industry has seen major changes within the decade. 


What hasn’t changed is the lack of dedicated training opportunities for those  who wish to grow their snow and ice management companies.  This is where Snowfighters Institute comes into play.  Snowfighters Institute was created to “forever pursue, research, and develop snow industry training”.  This is the first entity fully dedicated to educational pursuits as they pertain to the snow and ice management industry.  Here, snow contractors of all sizes gather to discuss specific topics pertaining to all aspects of managing and running a snow contracting operation in small group sessions which allows for interactive and often lively discussions.  

The Snow and Ice Management Industry is interested in pursuing SN 9001 certification for a myriad of reasons.  The value derived from SN 9001 certification comes from the focus on processes and procedures.  Adherence to these processes and procedures of the quality management system will result in:

  • Potentially reduced insurance premiums

  • Reduced waste involved with slip-and-fall litigation

  • Increased end-user safety and satisfaction

  • Enhanced supplier-customer satisfaction

  • More efficient use of labor

We’re the Snow Removal Service for you.

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