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Commercial Snow & Ice Management Services

At Bento Snow Removal, we maintain a proactive approach to winter and provide salting and ice prevention services that keep us one step ahead of hazardous accumulation.

Managing snow and ice effectively means having the right personnel and equipment in place at the right time. The safety of occupants and visitors is crucial to any business. Our crews visit your property on a daily basis to scan for ice or snow accumulation and apply the amount of De-icer needed to remove the problem.

We use salt that has been treated with a magnesium chloride liquid, which is more effective in lower temperatures, less corrosive than regular salt, and has a much better residual effect, allowing us to use approximately 25% less salt than other companies – a reduction that goes a long way to benefitting our earth. It also prevents any dangerous ice accumulations from occurring once we leave your property, providing you, your employees and your guests with a safe workplace, even during the worst of winter.

We’re the Snow Removal Service for you.

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