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Snow removal prices

Transparent Pricing


No surprise charges

Professional Service


Value for your money

Simple Contracts


Easy to read & understand

24-Hour Service


On-time, anytime

Transparent Pricing.  No one likes surprises to their wallet.

Bento Snow Removal Services are performed and charged at a rate that equals the agreed upon contract price reflecting the amount of snow on the ground.


Per Inch Pricing - This allows for a clearly define price based on different snow accumulation levels.

By basing our charges on the actual amount of snow that accumulates, we remove a common concern by property owners about being charged multiple times for the same snow event.   

When the snow falls, we send out our crews immediately.  We don’t want the snow to build up on your property and we want to ensure it stays clear and safe.  We pride ourselves on being efficient and timely which solidifies our reputation as an industry leader.


  • This type of pricing structure works well for residential and commercial properties.

  • This type of structure is great for clients who want to pay for services as needed while allowing some certainly on what the cost will be based on the extent of the snowfall.  

  • If there is no snow, you are not billed.

We’re the Snow Removal Service for you.

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