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We are your snow removal company for Cambridge, Ma and the surrounding area.

At Bento Snow Removal, our professionalism sets us apart from other companies in our field.  We have several trucks and machines ready to go for when the snow starts falling.  Additionally, all of our staff members are trained to use safety practices and have superior customer service skills.

We are here to help

Proactive approach to your snow and ice management solutions

Bento Snow Removal will have your establishment snow-free in no time. With our large number of plow trucks and machines, it's possible for us to plow several establishments at the same time, you won't be left behind, we won't be late.

Reliable manpower around the clock to weather the winter

Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to ensuring we provide your company or property with the best overall experience during the winter months. We take pride in our ability to constantly meet or exceed our clients' needs with tailored services from pre-treating for icy conditions to hauling snow offsite, if desired.

If you are looking for a reliable snow removal service at affordable prices and be worry free, contact us today.

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